The hungry, innovative spirit of a startup.
The solid experience of a market leader.

Denuvo is the new company formed from a management buyout of the
Sony DADC DigitalWorks team, the team that developed best-of-breed copy protection systems like SecuROM for games and Screen Pass for movies.

With over 300 man years of development experience among us, we clearly know what we’re doing. But now we’re infused with the fire-in-the-belly spirit of a startup, and we’re hungry to innovate for you.

They say sharks die if they're not constantly moving forward. Does a 40% loss sound reasonable to you? 46 days. What do the Twilight series and the Hunger Games movies have in common? Quality and Quantity.

They say sharks die if they're not constantly moving forward.


Same thing goes for license management solutions. In the eBooks space, the leading license management solutions have long since stopped moving forward. This failure to innovate is costing you money. Denuvo’s User Rights Management solution breathes new life into license management for eBooks: content security that is constantly upgraded to keep the pirates at bay, interoperability between devices to keep your customers happy, and new business models such as subscription that are win-wins for everyone.

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The Business Software Alliance estimates that 40% of all B2B software is used illegally each year. Imagine what 40% more revenue would do for your bottom line. Denuvo’s Software License Management solutions will help you close that 40% gap between your reality and your potential. Our solutions have kept the biggest-selling video games safe for over a decade. Now we’ve set our sights on B2B software pirates, and we’re eager to protect your programs and increase your revenue.

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That’s how long the latest Denuvo-protected EA game (FIFA 14) lasted before being cracked. That’s simply unprecedented and it’s a testament to one of Denuvo’s core principles: always keep innovating. Our latest innovation, Denuvo Anti-Tamper, allows EA to reap the benefits of stamping out all piracy attempts in the crucial first weeks of a title’s release. We’d love to do the same for you.

Denuvo Anti-tamper and SecuROM can be ordered through our close partnership with Sony DADC.

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Besides being colossal blockbusters that have generated over $5 billion between them, what these movies have in common is that they were protected with Screen Pass copy protection. Constantly upgraded and honed razor-sharp by Denuvo’s skilled engineers, Screen Pass keeps you one step ahead of pirates, increasing your revenue while limiting your losses.

Screen Pass can be ordered through our close partnership with Sony DADC.

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Usually the saying goes "quality not quantity." But with Denuvo Media QC, we give you both. Our talented and experienced quality control team will carefully check your title's menus, audio/video content, subtitles, disc functions, and more with an attention to detail unparalleled on the market. And we'll test for any playability and compatibility issues across an enormous and ever-growing stable of DVD, BD, and 3D players. Get quality and quantity with Denuvo Media QC.

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